Case Study: Cost Benchmark

Mar 11, 2024 | Cost Optimization

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A leading Peruvian bank was looking to validate the prices of its Data Center and Server Outsourcing contract against the market. IT Experts provided solid methodological support, performed an exhaustive analysis and presented results that allowed adjustments in favor of the bank, generating savings and ensuring competitive prices.

Business Needs

A leading Peruvian bank, with a Data Center, Server and On-Site Support Outsourcing contract, wanted to validate its prices against market rates. The contractual clause required this comparison.


The Proyect included:

  1. Methodological support for the process.
  2. Detailed information gathering.
  3. Exhaustive analysis and price comparison.
  4. Presentation of results.


The bank was able to adjust some services in its favor, generating significant savings. These resources were redirected to various strategic areas. In addition, the competitiveness of the prices offered by the contracted supplier was validated.

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