Digital Business Transformation: Choosing ERP and Digital Tools to Improve Efficiency in the Digital Age

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We help organizations select ERP and digital solutions that meet their operational and financial needs. We help ensure the smooth adoption of next-generation solutions.


We work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy, a concrete action plan, and a solid business case that will enable you to leverage the right ERP solutions to drive your company’s growth. 

Vendor Analysis 

We analyze the market for service providers and software system integrators, covering both traditional and SaaS-based solutions, especially in the ERP space. 


We apply our methodology to evaluate, select, and acquire the most appropriate ERP solution to meet your company’s unique needs. 

Demos and Down Selection 

We analyze ERP solution alternatives based on their performance in the field and their ability to meet your business needs. 


In addition, we can help you prepare for the inevitable changes in processes and roles that typically accompany the implementation of an ERP system. 

Strategic Definition of IT Service Procurement for ERP Implementation: Key Factors and Essential Considerations.

Market Study 

Evaluate vendors based on location, capacity, alignment with business vision, and other relevant factors. 


Success Cases 

Evaluation of success stories and financial analysis of the services offered by the providers. 



Develop a pricing model that includes fixed costs, variable costs, transition, and contract termination. 

Purchasing Strategy 

covering aspects such as contract length, renewal options, and support model. 


Technical Requirements 

Details including scope, service levels, baseline, execution plan, and coverage. 


Legal and Commercial Requirements 

Alignment with contract structure, specific contract terms, and applicable regulations. 

We take an agile and collaborative approach to your ERP selection: Minimize risk and maximize business success.

Define Strategy

Define business and project objectives for the ERP selection process and narrow the options to a manageable group. 


ERP Analysis

Conduct tests and demonstrations, carefully evaluating ERP software options to select the most appropriate ones. 

Nube Proveedores


Select ERP software, negotiate contract, and prepare for implementation. 

Implementing an ERP system requires a personalized approach that takes into account your company’s unique needs. 

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Take advantage of Digital Transformation tools and keep your company competitive in the digital era.

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